We offer Clipper Sharpening for anywhere in Australia.  Simply post your clippers to us for quick turnaround and professional sharpening.


At Beyond Sharp we use a top of the range clipper sharpening machine that uses a large alloy honing disc to provide fast, accurate and controlled machining of the cutter and comb blades for clippers. Almost all clipper blades require a ‘hollow ground’ finish, otherwise they simply don’t cut properly, can overheat, and ultimately end up damaging the cutter set and the clipper machine. This machine is designed to reproduce the factory cut and polishing of the clipper blade, meaning that you get a reliable blade that cuts as well as new.

The sharpening process involves:

  • a visual check, disassembly of the blade set,
  • cleaning,
  • sharpening,
  • polishing
  • reassembly, including:-
  • setting the blades,
  • lubricating,
  • checking and resetting tension if needed
  • testing prior to a final clean and returning to the customer.

This is the only way to be sure that the blades will operate properly for your machine.

If the socket, glide strip, screws or tension spring need replacing this is done at no charge. When your blade wear plates are getting low and there is only a couple of sharpens left I will inform you. The process of sharpening is always a removal of metal, just the minimum to achieve a clean sharp edge, ensuring you get the maximum life from your equipment.


All blades are separated, cleaned, sharpened, tested and lubricated.
All A5 clipper blades/set, steel or ceramic, Wahl, Oster, Lister, Andis etc $12.50/set
5 in 1 blades     $16.50/set
Large animal blades $15.00/set
Return Postage typically $8.50.  Larger, heavier items may cost more.
We work with all quality brands of clippers – Wahl, Andis, Oster, Shear Magic and Heiniger.  Any type of clipper that has a removable blade can be sharpened for you.



Package up your clipper blades in soft packing material such as bubble wrap. It is best to wrap multiple items separately to avoid damage.  Use a Packing Box and pack securely, to make sure your clipper blades do not move around – this will avoid damage to teeth.  If you wish to have your clippers serviced, please send them too.

Post your clippers to
Beyond Sharp
PO Box 298
Runaway Bay QLD 4216
Make sure you include your return address and phone number, along with any information we need to know about your clippers.
Once we receive your clippers we will check them for any damage.  If they are damaged, we will get in contact before proceeding.

Once sharpened and/or serviced we will contact you for payment and then your items will be returned to you.

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